Introducing Our New Flavours!

Hey everyone, 

Ever since we launched Warped Vapors we've been getting daily requests to release new flavours and expand our flavour profiles.

Since then, we've been working tirelessly to develop the first 15 of many delicious and unique new flavours to bring you a wider selection that will include desserts, tobaccos and, of course, fruit. 

Since we felt a little restricted with Warped Vapors given its science/space theme, we decided to launch a whole new website where we feel we'll have more creative freedom in how we brand the new juices. But don't worry - Warped Vapors isn't going away; we have been busy cooking up at least 4 new flavours that we're going to be releasing under the Warped Vapors brand, and will continue to add to its cosmic selection. For Warped Vapors, you can expect 4 new dessert/gourmet flavours to be released within the next month or so, in addition to our whole lineup re-released in high PG, high-nicotine salt pod formulations. 

As for the new website (launching January 2019); well -- here it is: (Canada) (USA)

200ML E-Juice Co. is among the first companies in Canada to offer 200mL of e-juice for a killer price. Initially, the idea was to offer 200ml of e-juice in the Chubby Gorilla V2 200mL bottle. After extensive product testing, we determined that the 200mL Chubby V2s have a number design flaws which prevent it from being an optimal choice. Given this, we'll instead be offering 2 x 100mL Chubby V3 for no added cost. If and when Chubby Gorilla releases their 200mL V3, we may switch to that bottle format. For the time being, our products will be offered in 2 x 100mL for $20.00 CAD - a price which we feel is more than competitive given the quality of juice. 

We're releasing this preview version of the website now so that we can offer you guys the chance to sign-up for our newsletter and receive 15% off your first order. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out our new project; stay cloudy folks, and above all:

KEEP IT 200!